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Dr. Adam M. Pine
Director, Interdisciplinary Studies in Three Departments (IS3D)
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Natalie Jimenez
Academic Advisor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Three Departments (IS3D)
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Message from the director

Interdisciplinary Studies in Three Departments (IS3D) is a unique degree at San Diego State University that allows students to design their own distinct course of study by choosing coursework from three different academic programs. We believe that throughout their lives students will address complicated problems that demand intellectual creativity, flexibility, and outside-of-the-box thinking. By engaging with different academic perspectives, IS3D majors become agile thinkers who are prepared to thrive in a variety of professional environments. For example, careers paths such as healthcare, business, government, and the nonprofit sector demand workers grounded in systems-thinking who can integrate different ways of understanding and solving problems. Our major helps students learn problem-solving and communication skills to thrive in our constantly changing world.

The goal of IS3D is to provide students with an academically rigorous, meaningful, and forward-looking degree that provides students with the problem-solving skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving academic and career environment. Through our program students develop a knowledge-base in three disciplines and learn how to apply integrative interdisciplinary analysis to real-world problems. We strive to provide the necessary support to students so they can be agents of change in both their personal and professional lives. 

Please use our website to learn more about how to declare an IS3D major, what disciplines are part of the IS3D major, and how to contact us on campus.

Best Wishes,

Adam Pine
Director, Interdisciplinary Studies

IS3D Faculty Advisory Board Members

  • Kaveh Abhari
  • Thais Alves
  • Hisham Foad
  • Nola Butler-Byrd
  • Brian Hentschel
  • Kevin Hovel
  • Natalie Jimenez
  • David Kahan
  • Jaemin Kim
  • Glen McClish
  • William Nericcio
  • Temple Northup
  • Rebecca Nowicki
  • Jong Won Min
  • Sabrina White