Program changes for fall 2024

In order to better serve our students IS3D will be changing our degree program starting in Fall of 2024! In addition to completing coursework in three departments, we are now requiring a 9 credit Interdisciplinary Core. The core consists of an introduction to interdisciplinary studies, an internship, and a senior capstone course. These classes are designed to help students integrate their three different fields of study and prepare them for careers that fit their diverse academic background. These changes will not add to the overall size of the degree program. Instead the new interdisciplinary core will create opportunities for IS3D students to take classes together, complete internships, and prepare for their post-collegiate life.

Interdisciplinary Core: 

  • Introduction
    Gen S 300 Interdisciplinary Processes
  • Internship
    Gen S 400 Professional Experience and Community Service
  • Senior Capstone
    Gen S 490 Undergraduate Research


Will the requirements for entrance into IS3D change?
No, our entrance requirements will remain the same: 
  • Complete preparation for the major; two pre-approved lower division courses (6 units) in each of the three disciplines unless otherwise specified. Complete a minimum of 60 transferable units. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0Complete a Custom Plan including coursework from three departments
Will the overall number of credits in the IS3D major change?
No, the IS3D major will continue to consist of 36 credits of Upper Division classes and 18 credits of LD coursework for a total of 54 credits. 

Why is the department making these changes? 

The goal of the Interdisciplinary Studies in Three Departments program is to provide students with an academically rigorous, meaningful, and forward-looking degree that provides students with the problem-solving skills to thrive in a rapidly evolving academic and career environment. By offering an interdisciplinary core we are creating spaces for IS3D students to understand the power of their interdisciplinary background and utilize their unique skillsets in the community. 

Will graduation requirements change for current IS3D students?

No. Current students will continue completing the coursework in their approved Custom Plan. Their Degree Evaluation will not change. However, we encourage students to take our new coursework.