Preparing for your Visit

All students interested in the IS3D major should view the 12 minute informational podcast about the major and create an initial draft of a master plan BEFORE visiting the IS3D office for walk-in advising. Links to the master plan form and podcast are below. Also, the university requires students to be signed out of their current major using this form:
change of major form.

The master plan form can be accessed using the following links:
Master Plan Form (MS Word)  [please type into the document and then print it]
Master Plan Form (PDF) [please type into the document and then print it]

Podcast Links [note: the podcast was updated on 4/26/18]:
IS3D podcast
IS3D podcast mp4 for iPod and iPhone

Class Selection Guidelines by Department:

Some departments require IS3D students to follow certain guidelines when creating master plans. Students who want to use one or more of the departments below in their IS3D major should consult the relevant document(s) while drafting their master plan. If you don't see one or more of your chosen departments listed here, consult this document with suggestions for other departments for guidance.

Art [multiple areas]


Child and Family Development


Counseling & School Psychology





Hospitality & Tourism Management

International Security and Conflict Resolution

Journalism and Media Studies

Kinesiology (ENS)




Public Health

Recreation and Tourism Management (RTM)

Rhetoric & Writing Studies

Social Work

Special Education